“Advanced training on vocational education”. The aim of this project is to train and achieve a large number of teachers and students to efficiently use technological resources for young people to build employment skills. The project will provide advanced computer science courses for teachers of vocational secondary education in programming, educating students with 21st century skills and, motivating young people to pursue their IT careers.

Vocational Education Advanced Training is an IPSED training cycle in collaboration with Protik Innovation Center with the support of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

This training is attended by 60 ICT teachers selected from all public schools of Vocational Education in Albania. During the training, attendees will have the opportunity to combine theory with practice through the use of an integrated modular system. At the end of the training, the participants will be engaged to hold an open lecture in the respective schools where they will convey to the students and colleagues the knowledge gained during this training.

The purpose of the training: To contribute to the professional development of teachers of Vocational High Schools by introducing them to the latest developments in programming and coding languages.