Flavio, a sweet little boy age 5, from Kuqan, a rural village incentral Albania, where poverty and unemployment dominates, was enabled to enrol in the kindergarten and realise his wish to make new friends and learn new things. Flavio lives with his parents and his two older brothers. His parents are unemployed and the family can hardly meet the basic needs. His father is every day in seek for a job but unfortunately he can rarely find any. They ensure their basic food mostly by their small farm crops and very few livestock which are not sufficient for their living. Due to poverty issues, Flavio was not able to frequent kindergarten and used to spend his days in loneliness and isolation at home where he lacks toys, friends and kids’ experiences.

But this situation of social isolation for Flavio ended as soon as he joined Save the Children education project.  Through the project outreach work, Flavio’s parents were persuaded to enrol their son in the kindergarten where he now is enjoying the friendly and conducive atmosphere created there due to training of teachers, support with toys and didactic materials for kids and community work with families for strengthening kindergarten and community partnership. Save the Children education project, implemented jointly with the local NGO IPSED, supports access to early education for the most vulnerable children age 3-6 years. It helps to remove barriers and promotes children early learning and development to reach their full potentials.

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