The project is supported from IPA II European Union Integration Facility 2014 SUPPORT TO CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CAPACITY BUILDING ACTIONS TO INCREASE POLICY DIALOGUE AND AWARENESS ON EUROPEAN INTEGRATION PROCESS, and it aims the involvement of local farmers and stake holders of Durres, Lushnje, Vlore, Shkoder, Tirane: by assessing needs  for information and further production opportunities in line with EU regulation requirements. The project is developed following four specific objectives:

  1.  Analysis and information on the perception of integration process for Albania, and its consequences on the organic agriculture. This objective will require estimating the knowledge about the procedures related to the full integration or during the negotiations phase and how that will affect the organic agriculture.
  2. Capacity building of the organic agriculture representing associations and agencies for the negotiation process during the accession and enable them to lobby for country’s’ specific needs.
  3. Improving the quality of information and awareness raising on organic agriculture EU regulation among the project target groups by developing information sessions on Common Agriculture Policy and measures to be implemented in line with EU policies, all integrated in a holistic approach of the Sustainable development strategy of EU.
  4. Initiating discussions and round tables by involving all the stakeholders such as: Ministry of Agriculture representatives, Regional Directorates, Farmers businesses, academia and other actors. The discussions will have as a main objective the integration process of the organic agriculture sector, the challenges they will face and the direct effects on their daily lives. This project phase they will consider the main principal difficulties for the transition period related to the macro and micro level factors. On the other side, the involvement of these target groups during the negotiations may have implications for the total duration of the negotiations process with regard to the agriculture policy.